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We work hard to create unique toys that are both fun and educational. When people, fans or journalists notice our toys, we are always pleased to know our work is appreciated. Here is where Ethan & Harriet have been spotted lately!

‘Toys will aid child-centred learning, preserve national heritage’

Vanguard / By Abiodun Alade

Mrs Bunmi Williams is the founder/CEO of Ethan and Harriet.   The company which was founded in 2015, design and manufacture Nigerian-themed educational toys with the aim of promoting pride and knowledge of Nigeria in a fun way through play which ties in with its slogan ‘Knowledge Through Play’. In this interview, she explains the needs for educational toys in aiding learning and reasoning.

Educational toys to boost early child-centered learning, preserve national heritage

Business Day / by Stephen Onyekwelu

Childhood education is critical because it lays the foundation for future achievements in learning, character and personality. It is against this backdrop that Ethan & Harriet, designers and manufacturers of children’s educational toys are championing the use of toys to effectively transmit Nigeria’s early child-centered learning, history and heritage to children through play.

Introducing Ethan & Harriet Learning Through Play

Lagos Mums

Ethan & Harriet designs and manufactures the finest in children’s interactive educational toys and games. Each of the company’s products develops and builds on necessary skills children need for school and beyond.

These Brands Are Teaching Nigerian Kids About Their Heritage

The Parents Guide to Abuja

In today’s world, the western culture has more of an influence than our indigenous culture on us and our kids. Sadly, this means that our kids will not know much about their culture or even speak their native languages. Infact, 400 of the 520 languages spoken in Nigeria are endangered and will go into extinction if nothing is done. These brands teach our kids about their Nigerian heritage.