Our Mission


Too many Nigerian children lack knowledge of Nigerian and African history. Too many are disconnected from their heritage. Ethan & Harriet was born out of a desire to bridge the gap between our youth and our history. Our mission is to help the transmission of our rich heritage to children. We seek to achieve this in the way that suits them best: play.

Our Charge

To foster pride and knowledge of Nigeria from an early age to grow interest and encourage positive contribution, unity and patriotism amongst Nigerians;

To Impart a sense of unity and community amongst Nigerians worldwide by creating toys and games they can relate to, learn from and rebuild the sense of who we are as a people, and as a great Nation, Nigeria;

To bolster the importance of family values by creating a reason for family members to spend quality time together over their cultural and national heritage, whilst playing and learning;

Starting with Nigeria, to present Africa as a culturally rich continent, highlighting our attributes to encourage interest in tourism;

To promote and encourage strong ethical and cultural values and a sense of responsibility amongst Africans by constructively engaging in our history and heritage. Thus, building a strong sense of belonging and commitment to Nigeria.

Our Vision

To become the foremost educational toy designer and manufacturer in the world re-orientating an African continent to be made up of caring citizens that are more aware of its heritage, willingly taking responsibility for and being devoted to her growth.  Where the true essence of who we are as a people is imbibed in each and everyone of us as Nigerians; and we proudly and strongly defend our honour, and are deliberately patriotic.

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