Preserving Heritage; Promoting Education


Ethan & Harriet Co. is proud to present ‘Ethan & Harriet Pals’, a Social Impact Initiative developed with the sole aim to provide an enhanced and conducive learning environment. Through this we hope to change lives, because we know that education empowers children.

By partnering with government, corporate and private entities, this initiative will provide resources to foster a healthy and conducive environment for learning. Such an initiative will go a long way in providing a lasting solution to the problem of student enrolment and retention. By giving students improved educational settings, we will help stimulate their learning interest, hence, keeping them in school.

We would be most appreciative if you would consider supporting this initiative to gift 12,000 puzzles to students across the nation. Join us as we work to infuse constructive and positive reinforcement of Nigeria’s history and heritage in kids, thus growing them into strong, confident Nigerians and ambassadors of the African continent.

Ethan & Harriet will donate 10% of the proceeds to providing teaching aids, furniture and sanitary wares for schools across Nigeria.


This initiative “Ethan & Harriet Pals” is to partner with government, corporates and private entities to gift our ‘Lift n Learn Magnetic Puzzle’ and ‘Family Floor Nigeria Puzzle’ to students across schools in Nigeria.

We have created 3 categories for participation

Participation Categories
Lift n Learn Magnetic Puzzle 80 400 800
Family Floor Nigeria Puzzle 20 100 200
 TOTAL NO OF PUZZLES  100 500 1000

In the initial phase, we would be looking to gift 12,000 students across schools in Nigeria. One can participate multiple times in more than one category.

Ethan & Harriet will be donating 10% of proceeds to provide healthier and conducive environments for the students. We would be looking to debut this initiative initially across six geo-political zones and continue to expand our reach as we go along.

  • We will start out with six schools (one school from each zone).
  • However, as a platinum participant, you have the option to nominate your preferred beneficiary (school).
  • We will provide teaching aids (blackboard, rulers, chalk, charts etc), furniture (tables and chairs) and improve sanitary conditions (toilets).
  • We want to give back to our children and impact their future.


Ethan & Harriet being a forerunner in the preservation of our heritage and the transmission of Nigeria’s history through fun and games aims to impact the lives of children both rich and poor. We want to stimulate an interest in learning.

To this end, we would like to embark on a partnership to provide our range of educational toys to children whom without this, may never have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits and knowledge gained from our products.

“Education is the most powerful tool which we can use to change Nigeria and the world”. We believe that the knowledge of one’s history is key to having strong personal identity.

Ethan & Harriet Pals Initiative aims to promote learning of history and preservation of our heritage as well as fostering a positive environment for effective learning and encourage students to stay in school

We will achieve our goals one school at a time, using our Nigeria map puzzles. We intend to train the minds of young Nigerians to think positively about Nigeria and indeed Africa. And as they grow, kids become involved in the constructive development of our nation and continent.

Ethan & Harriet will donate 10% of proceeds towards providing teaching aids, furniture and better sanitation for schools (toilets).


Join Us!

We aim to stimulate an interest in learning

We hope to change lives

Education empowers children