Who We Are

Ethan & Harriet is Nigeria’s pioneer educational toys provider. We design and manufacture unique and engaging toys that teach Nigerian children about their country and their heritage. We pride ourselves in being an indigenous company. We use only local content to promote the Nigerian heritage by manufacturing toys that appeal to the African family.

Who are Ethan & Harriet?

Ethan & Harriet are two Nigerian children. They love to eat semo preferably with okra or ewedu. They want to learn more about Nigeria, so their super cool mum decided to start making toys to teach them about it.

Mum then thought, if I can make it for my kids, why not share this with other children out there *light bulb moment* and the idea to start making games to tell our rich Nigerian/African story was born. She named the company after them, using their English names.

Ethan & Harriet are real people, they love Nigeria, are proud to be Nigerian and want you to be too.

This is what the real Ethan and Harriet look like!arrow

Proudly Nigerian

If you believe that it is imperative that Africa’s youth know about its history and heritage, you will love our games. Our flagship product, Ethan & Harriet’s Lift n Learn Magnetic Puzzle, teaches kids—and sometimes their parents!—about all Nigerian states and their capital, motto, number of local government areas, land size, and more.

We recently developed a Social Impact Initiative called Ethan & Harriet Pals with the sole aim to provide an enhanced and conducive learning environment. Through this we hope to change lives, because we know that education empowers children.

Educational Value

Several studies show that children and adults alike learn faster, and retain information better by playing. We think our products can and will play an important role in the education of our youth. There are several educational merits to our hands-on products: they nurture creativity, imagination and youthful imagination.

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