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Help us reinforce Nigeria’s
history, one Nigeria puzzle at a time.
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Ethan & Harriet are real
people, they love Nigeria,
are proud to be Nigerian
and want you to be too
are proud to be Nigerian
and want you to be too.
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Our games are designed for kids,
but parents enjoy them too!


Play is one of the most effective teaching strategies: Ethan & Harriet Nigeria puzzles nurture creativity, imagination and youthful innovation.


We take pride in designing unique Nigerian and African themed educational toys, with great attention to detail.


Learning about Nigeria should be a choice, not a chore. Our games are designed to be appealing and, of course, fun!

Our Heritage, Our Mission

Promote our rich African heritage

Foster pride and knowledge of Nigeria

Bring people together in a fun way

Too many Nigerian children lack knowledge of Nigerian and African history. Too many are disconnected from their heritage. Ethan & Harriet was born out of a desire to bridge the gap between our youth and our history. Our mission is to help the transmission of our rich heritage to children. We seek to achieve this in the way that suits them best: play.

What people are saying about us

This is very commendable, it will not only promote our culture and heritage but will also help to teach our children about Nigeria and the uniqueness of each state.

Dr Bukola Saraki

Senate President of Nigeria

What a wonderful initiative by Ethan & Harriet, a Nigerian company that makes beautifully crafted educational toys and materials. Get these fantastic 100% wood colourful made in Nigeria jigsaw puzzles as gifts for your children or for their school.

GFC Nigeria

This puzzle is not just for kids. Got a few today and decided to try my hands on it, setting up the states and capital was very easy but I got to learn alot of things especially the land capacity for each state. Never had an idea Abuja and Lagos were that small. Nice work Ethan & Harriet


Consultant, Abuja

My boy is just 2 years but he can assemble the pieces of the Nigerian map! He hasn’t even started proper school but he knows the capital of Lagos! I got this puzzle from Ethan & Harriet and it’s the best thing that has happened to us! It has the capital of each state behind, state formed and state slogan!


Mother of two, Lagos

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